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Karey Tom
So much more than pain relief! Incredibly thankful to have found Nancy! I came in for a tennis injury, however, the deep relaxation and whole body approach to wellbeing has helped me work through grief, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances. The deep relaxation which is achieved during the Accupuncture treatments is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend Nancy Fuller.
Really great! I have had acupuncture over the years, to great success. Nancy is a pro - she spends time with patients, asks the right questions, and is thorough from beginning to end. I am almost asleep by the time I leave - it's actually such a calming, relaxing session. I've experienced great relief from sciatic pain, lower back pain and more with Nancy's treatments.
No More Constant Pain I'm so thankful I met you and can't help but feel like an angel pointed me in your direction. When I came to see you that first time I was out of my mind with seemingly never ending pain. Acupuncture was what finally let me navigate my way out! And the stress relief and lovely conversation was such a great bonus 😊.
Facial Rejuvenation Nancy's approach to overall wellness is what inspired me to pursue treatment. It is a personal gift to have Nancy by my side as I enter my older years looking to maintain a possitive outlook and good health.
Neck pain I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain for years and have experienced tremendous relief with treatment from Nancy. She has, also, helped with some sleep and anxiety issues. I would highly recommend this office.
Fantastic Experience! I have always lived in fear of needles of any type! Having to have a shot or an IV resulted in severe panic attacks, hyper ventilation & hysteria! My sister had encouraged me to seek treatment from Nancy for multiple health conditions. After over a year of thinking about it I made the call & the first appointment. Nancy was patient and reassuring during my visit. I had no anxiety and felt nothing when the filaments were inserted in multiple places of my body! It was an incredible experience resulting in future appointments and great improvement in my health! I highly recommend Nancy and the services that she offers as part of good health and a happy life!
I love the results I am getting I had no idea what to really expect from my treatments. I explained to Nancy what I needed support with and she was very easy to talk to. From my first treatment I noticed that my body was very responsive. I noticed being able to handle my stress so much better. I also started to sleep better. I am looking forward to how my body will continue to heal and balance itself. I recommend Nancy as she is very knowledgeable in what she does.
Look no further First of all, I'm the type of guy that can get a tattoo then freak out with a needle. Nancy helped me get over that fear. She's very gentle & helps you calm down! She a very patient person, great bedside manner. I am a massage therapist & always refer my clients to her. So happy she's just down the road! Thanks Nancy!
Caryn Lee
Great experience Nancy has a wonderful way of talking with you to truly understand your issues. She evaluates you holistically, and doesn't just treat your symptoms like a lot of traditional doctors. The accupuncture itself is an amazing experience.
GOOD HEALTH I started using Nancy's services about 5 years ago as I decided to wean myself off of anti depressants. I cycled back around after a 2 yr lapse and tried one of her newer svcs, Facial Rejuvenation. I love the idea of not only being healthier but looking healthier and have received lots of compliments. I plan on continuing these services to keep me in balance.